The Caves of Skops

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The Caves of Skops
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Land No.5
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Land BossMr Skops


[edit] Description

The Caves of Skops are dark gloomy chasms and valleys beneath the earth's surface and the cliffs of the Candy Chateau. Due to similarities in terrain, the Caves of Skops contain many hazards and creatures that are usually only found in Blue Mountains; though the many nooks and crannies throughout the dark caves contain inhabitants of their own. The caves also contain strange red crystals similar to Blue Spikes whci can be used as platforms. The guardian of the caves is a giant scorpion, Mr Skops. Despite how gloomy and lonesome the caves appear, Rayman will find a friend in the extra terrestrial Joe.

[edit] Enemies

The following is a list of enemies found in the Caves of Skops:

  • Spike Insects
  • Fang Fish
  • Flying Spikes
  • Stone Astronauts
  • Hunters
  • Antitoons
  • Eyes
  • Mr Skops

Exclusive to this land (and maybe Blue Mountains)
Boss character

[edit] Levels & Stages

Below is a list of the different levels in the Caves of Skops, and the different stages within them.
These stages are only available on the first playthrough.

The Cave of Skops 01.png

[edit] Crystal Palace

  • Stage 1 - 3 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 3 Electoons

[edit] Eat at Joe's

  • Stage 1 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 2 - 3 Electoons
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 5 - 1 Electoon

[edit] Mr Skops' Stalactites

  • Stage 1 - 6 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - Mr Skops Awakens
  • Stage 3 - Mr Skops

[edit] Stage/Level Details

[edit] Eat at Joe's

As Rayman descends into the dark depths of the caves, he will come across a restaraunt. The man in charge is an alien by the name of Joe. Unfortunately for Joe, the restaraunt's electricity has run out and his lights are no longer working. He will then give Rayman a firefly, as the Stage 1 of this level will require Rayman to travel through a pitch black cave. The only light is the small light given off by the firefly, which will follow Rayman's fist when he punches. Rayman must constantly punch to watch out for dangers ahead.
When Rayman gets to the next stage, it will no longer be pitch black. Rayman must then descend to Stage 3 where he must punch the plug back in so electricity will flow back to Joe's restaraunt. The electricity will also activate strange robot-like platforms which Rayman can use to get back to Joe's restaraunt. When he returns, Rayman will see an excited Joe celebrating outside his now lit-up restaraunt. Joe has also released his buoy into the water so that Rayman may travel across to complete the level.

[edit] Mr Skops Awakens

Mr Skops Awakens

Upon entering the lair of Mr Skops, Rayman will find the beast fast asleep. However, his presence quickly becomes known and a blood-shot eyed Mr Skops rises up to destroy the intruder. Rayman will find himself in a difficult situation at this point. Where as Mr Skops is standing on solid ground, the only ground Rayman has is the line of 5 red crystal platforms which float just above a lake of lava. As an attack, Mr Skops will shoot his large claw at Rayman, and when it returns to him he will bash the ground with it causing a red crystal platform to fall into the lava. Before the last red crystal falls into the lava, Mr Skops will move backwards so that Rayman may jump onto the solid ground. From here Mr Skops will follow another pattern. This time he will move to the edge of the solid ground so that Rayman will have to hang off the edge or he will be knocked into the lava. He will then move backwards again to bash the ground which will make Rayman fall into the lava if he is still hanging on the edge.
After repeating this pattern a few times, Mr Skops will bash the ground repeatedly, causing the lava to rise. He will then begin to retreat, and at this point Rayman must run to the next set of red crystals before the lava gets too high. By now Mr Skops will have jumped up to the next level of solid ground. Rayman will have 3 red crystals to work with, each separated by a small space, with each one being slightly higher than the last from left to right. This time Mr Skops will fire energy balls from his sting which will hit the red crystals. When the last red crystal has fallen Mr Skops will retreat again, and Rayman must run to the end sign before the lava rises again.

[edit] Mr Skops

After escaping the overflow in the caves, Rayman will come face to face with Mr Skops in an area that resembles an Arabian palace. Mr Skops attacks by firing his energy balls from his sting, but this time they follow Rayman's fist when he punches. If Rayman punches at Mr Skops' face just before he fires an energy ball, it will follow his fist and hit Mr Skops instead. When he has been defeated, Mr Skops will collapse to the ground with a peaceful smile on his face. Another message from Betilla the Fairy asking for help will appear. This time she has been trapped in a glass ball by Mr Dark.

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