Spitter Cells

Spitter Cells
Nunchuk UseNo
VenueUnited States
Unlockable CostumeUnknown

[edit] Minigame Rules

In this minigames, you must spit into the cups below. Shake the Wii remote to eat a carrot. Try to eat the carrot as fast as possible--the sooner you eat it, the sooner you will earn points. After that, your rabbid will hock a loogie, which swings back and forth. Press A to release the spit, and try to land it into one of the cups below. Once you do, you'll see a Rabbid below drink it...

In the normal version of the game, you actually have to control the spit by twisting the Wii Remote, whereas on the easy version, that is done automatically. One strategy is to wait for the spit to get longer, making it easier to swing.

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