Space Mama

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Space Mama

Boss No.5
Hitpoints6HP (Valkyrie) / 12 HP (Galactic Warrior)
Boss ofPicture City(Eraser Plains / Space Mama's Crater)
Previous BossMr Stone
Next BossMr Skops

[edit] Description

Space Mama is the boss of Picture City, whose weapon of choice is a rolling pin. Judging from the encounters Rayman has with her, she seems to love theatre and apparently feels the need to get into character whenever she fights Rayman. Rayman encounters Space Mama twice - once as a Valkyrie and again as a sort of Galactic Warrior that uses a washing machine as a spaceship. It also seems that Space Mama is a fan of ballet, as she can be seen dancing around the stage when she fights Rayman. Truly she is a worthy boss for the land of the arts.

[edit] The Pirates

As Rayman travels through Eraser Plains, the final stage he comes to is a literal stage. The stage starts off with giant curtains in the background being pulled back and what seems to be a pirate ship begins to move onto the stage. Rayman will be attacked by two pirates - one in the crows nest that throws bombs, another on the stage with Rayman who throws his earring as a weapon. Rayman must first defeat the earring pirate by punching him 3 times. Once he is taken care of, Rayman must punch the crow's nest 3 times to force the other pirate to jump onto the stage; punching him twice to defeat him.
Once the pirates are dealt with, Space Mama makes her way onto the stage dressed as a Valkyrie wielding a rolling pin. Space Mama uses her rolling pin to shoot daggers into the air. Sometimes when she shoots daggers they become lodged in the ground. Rayman must jump on the hilts of these daggers so that he can get into the air to punch Space Mama. When the daggers don't get lodged in the ground the wil stay in mid air spinnig constantly until, one at a time, they will stop spinning and move towards the direction of Rayman, blade first. When she has been defeated she will simply fly off.

[edit] The Galactic Warrior

At the end of Space Mama's Crater Rayman finds himself on another stage that looks like it is supposed to be set on another planet. A flying washing machine will then make it's way onto the stage, and when it lands Space Mama will emerge from it. This time she will use her rolling pin to shoot lasers. At certain points in the fight she will also fly from one side of the stage to the other, back and forth, getting lower until she has nearly reached the ground. Every time she flys across the stage this way she will leave what looks like boiling pots floating in mid air except in one area. Rayman must then run to the area that is lacking one of these pots as they explode and the bottom of the pots descend towards the stage. Every now and again Space Mama will jump onto the stage giving Rayman a chance to punch her in the face.
After being hit enough, Space Mama retreats behind her spaceship washing machine and begins to fire lasers wildly at Rayman. Rayman must punch the washing machine enough times to send it bouncing off stage , which can hurt Rayman if he's hit, and leaving Space Mama with only her rolling pin for defence. Once she is defeated, she will simply collapse on the ground and Rayman will be warned that Betilla the Fairy has been captured by Mr Dark.

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