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To stray away from plagiarism the Magician will not be on the stage to give us the story of Rayman but the story will be told in the words of Div, the Magician's dear friend.


Hi Folks!

My dear friend, the Magician is already hiding out in every level of Rayman's world to keep from being captured by the devious Mister Dark.

The question that is popping in your head is probably, "what is going on here?"

Well I have the perfect answer because I just so happened to be lucky enough to be around for the original story of Rayman and I have perfect enough memory to retell this legendary tale of mystery, bravery, destruction, and love but not in the words of the Magician but in the words of myself, Div.

So here I begin with telling you Rayman's story!

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In the world of Rayman, the people lived together with nature in a peaceful unity. Their unity was so strong that they were able to create a perfect utopia where, magically, the legendary Great Protoon appeared. The Great Protoon was now being held safely in the grips of the unity and power that had been created by the people and the nature of Rayman's world. This Protoon was the lighthouse, the power source for Rayman's world and it lite the skies, provided the harmony, and maintained the balance in the world.

Peace apparently can never last, in Rayman's world. I'm sorry to say, the peace that Rayman's world had was gone faster than a bullet.

Would you rather I tell you this peaceful story of Rayman's world or a destructive one calling for a hero? Come on, what kind of game would you play in a peaceful world? Well theres no peace in Rayman's world so you get to destroy evil monsters and bosses that are trying to destroy the world in a dark, horrific plan. So let's continue...

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... one day complete darkness hit Rayman's world and the evil, notorious Mister Dark finally discovered the hiding place of the Great Protoon. With one goal in mind, he stole the Protoon, defeated Betilla the Fairy in a mighty destructive battle while Betilla tried her hardest to protect it. For those who don't know, Betilla is the great sorceress who watched over Rayman's world. The main power source to the Great Protoon was the Electoons that used to gravitate around it has been thrown off their universal balance and they were scattered all across Rayman's world.

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I could not leave this out, coming from my dear friend, the Magician in his own words, "Troublesome, isn't it? And untidy, too!"

I love that fellow!

Now that Rayman's world had lost it's true peace, it's brightened Great Protoon, and it's Electoons that fluttered around it, the world was thrown off course and into a place full of darkness, sadness, and an ultimate defeat from the destruction plan of Mister Dark. Rayman's world had officially lost it's true source of light and had been thrown into complete darkness. In this darkness strange phenomena began to appear. From what villagers had seen, I heard of freaks and hostile characters causing chaos and evil demise in the darkness. Villagers also watched in horror as these crazy characters captured every Electoon they could find!

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One last piece of advice I was able to recieve from the Magician before he went into hiding was that Betilla the fairy's powers were neutralized and would remain that way until the Great Protoon was returned to Rayman's world in a stable condition. He also suggested that time was what Betilla needed to regenerate her energy so that she could give the ultimate battle another go against the evil Mister Dark and this time defeat him.

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As the Magician would say I would agree as well, in the current state of darkness that Rayman's world had come to the natives of this magical place would need a hero to save their Great Protoon, release their Electoons, and ultimately bring back the peace, harmony, and the light.

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I will now announce the true guardian of this world, the one who would come to it's rescue, Rayman! Rayman has few powers but as he should progress in this magical adventure and quest he will begin to find himself and his true powers that call for being unlocked inside of him. Rayman must save his world from this darkness by bringing back the light source it calls for the Great Protoon. He must rescue all of the precious Electoons from their caged states and defeat the evil mysterious figure who decided to cause major chaos and destruction to Rayman's world.

Can Rayman save the day?

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But he doesn't have arms or legs?

How can he defeat every bad guy now inhabiting the world?

Ha, Rayman is at no disadvantage as the bad guys have no arms or legs ether.

Good luck Rayman, be our hero!

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