Rayman - PSX

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Rayman PSX 01.jpg
North American Box Art
DeveloperUbi Studios
PublisherUbi Soft
Release Date(s)[North America] January 1, 1996
GenreFantasy, Adventure (PSX)
Rating(E) Everyone
Other Box ArtRayman PSX 02.jpg

[edit] Game Summary

Rayman Credics call it-Captivating, mind-bending and addictive, one trip and you're hooked!

Enter the challenging world of Rayman and suddenly reality seems far too tame. Free your mind as Rayman takes you on an arduous adventure through a complex realm of psychedelic landscapes, absurd characters, formidable opponents, and uncharted levels of dementia.

-Game Box Description

[edit] Rayman's Story

[edit] Game Features

  • 65,000 eye-popping colors, 60 frames per second and up to four independently scrolling backdrops, all of which pull you into the screen and right into Rayman's outrageous worlds!
  • Over 50 different characters that will freak you out, crack you up, and give you the challenge of a lifetime!
  • Amazing powers which develop and accumulate as you progress through the game's 70 levels to help you ward off enemies and avoid some of the strangest encounters!
  • Six mind-boggling, bizarre worlds complete with different climates and jammed packed with hidden passages and traps leading unexpected combats and rewards!

-Game Box Description

[edit] The People of Protoon

The Great Protoon is a celestial spot surrounded by harmonious, lush-green forests & gloomy-dark swamps, natural lakes & streams, and most-importantly, magical people.

[edit] Rayman's World

RayPSX Fullmap.png

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