Picture City

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Picture City
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Picture City Loading Screen
Land No.4
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Land BossSpace Mama


[edit] Description

Like Band Land, Picture City is another one of the stranger lands of Rayman. The whole land appears to revolve around the arts, containing oversized erasers. pencils, pens and other art-related items, while Rayman will also come across theatre stages in certain levels. Hazards within Picture City include thumb tacks and inky waters. A new enemy in picture city is the Pan Astronaut. However, the true threat lies with Space Mama who appears to be some sort of theatre actress.

[edit] Enemies

The following is a list of enemies found in Picture City:

  • Pan Astronauts
  • Hunters
  • Antitoons
  • Eyes
  • Space Mama

Exclusive to this land
Boss character

[edit] Levels & Stages

Below is a list of the different levels in Picture City, and the different stages within them.
These stages are only available on the first playthrough.

Picture City 01.png

[edit] Eraser Plains

  • Stage 1 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 3 - 3 Electoons
  • Stage 4 - Space Mama the Valkyrie

[edit] Pencil Pentathlon

  • Stage 1 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 3 - 2 Electoons

[edit] Space Mama's Crater

  • Stage 1 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 3 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 4 - Space Mama the Galactic Warrior

[edit] Stage/Level Details

[edit] Space Mama the Valkyrie

This stage of Eraser Plains is literally a stage. Rayman will appear on a stage with curtains in the background. Once the curtains are drawn back, a backdrop of a sunny island is revealed, with fake cardboard water moving up and down. As a make-shift pirate ship appears from the right, Rayman soons finds himself under attack by 2 pirates. Once they have been beaten, their leader Space Mama will dance onto the stage dressed as a valkyrie. She will throw daggers at Rayman which will become lodged in the ground. When they do, Rayman must jump on the hilt so that he will bounce in the air and be able to punch Space Mama. Once she is defeated she will fly off into the sky.

[edit] Pencil Pentathlon - Stage 2

At the start of this stage Rayman will find another potion that gives him the power to fly using his Helicopter-Hair. Through out this stage Rayman will have to fly between some very tight areas where 1 mistake could cause Rayman to get injured. The most difficult part of this stage is near the end where Rayman will need to fly between tacks coming down from the ceiling and a fllor made of erasers, which will bounce Rayman into the tacks if he touches them. The best way to deal with this section is to try to align Rayman between the tacks and erasers. Do NOT repeatedly press the jump button or Rayman will just fly into the tacks. Simply give Rayman enough room so that if he hovers down slightly he will not hit the erasers. Do NOT hit the jump button until Rayman begins to hover down.
In other words, once you think you have safely aligned Rayman between the erasers and tacks, press the directional button for whichever direction you wish to move in. When Rayman begins to hover down, simply tap the jump button to move him back in line. Do this every time (and only when) Rayman begins to hover down.

[edit] Space Mama the Galactic Warrior

Once again Rayman will find himself on a stage, this time with the backdrop making it appear as if Rayman is on another planet. A washing machine will fly onto the stage from which Space Mama will emerge, this time dressed as something like a warrior from a sci-fi movie. She now wields a rolling-pin which fires big yellow laser beams. After sometime Space Mama will take cover behind her washing machine and begin firing wildly at Rayman. If Rayman punches it enough it will fly off leaving Space Mama to defend herself.
Unlike other boss fights, Space Mama does not do anything once she is defeated. She simply collapses to the ground unconcious. However, just as Rayman begins to dance thinking things are going his way, a message pops up on the screen telling Rayman that Betilla the Fairy has been defeated and captured by Mr Dark.

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