Mr Stone

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Mr Stone

Boss No.4
Hitpoints8 HP
Boss ofBlue Mountains(Mr Stones Peaks)
Previous BossMr Sax
Next BossSpace Mama

[edit] Description

Mr Stone is, unsurprisingly, a large being made of stone and boss of Blue Mountains. Rayman first encounters Mr Stone in Twilight Gulch, where he will give chase until Rayman manages to escape. The two will have a showdown at the top of Blue Mountains at Mr Stones Peaks. Mr Stone has a habit of shouting when he becomes angry.

[edit] The Chase

Rayman only manages to make it to Stage 2 of Twilight Gulch before news of his arrival spreads, and Mr Stone himself decides to ambush Rayman. As Mr Stone gives chase, Rayman will need to smash boulders blocking his path and grab flying pink rings to avoid the spiky earth beneath him. Rayman is able to escape from Mr Stone when he hops on cloud that takes him to safety.

[edit] The Fight

The first thing that will stand out in this stage is the odd stone pillar in the middle with the big smiling face on top. Punching the pillar from the ground will prove ineffective. During the fight with Mr Stone, his primary attack will involve whistling for boulders which he will then attempt to throw at Rayman. So boulders will smash into pieces which Rayman must avoid. Sometimes the boulders will not smash, and by jumping on the boulders Rayman will be able to punch the pillar in the middle of the stage, causing it to hit Mr Stone. Once Mr Stone has been hit he will charge towards the boulder and smash it. To avoid getting run over, Rayman must jump on the boulder again so he can jump over Mr Stone when he gets close enough. Even if Rayman takes too long to get on the boulder and punch the pillar in the middle, Mr Stone will run towards the boulder and smash it. When he has taken enough damage, Mr Stone will start to fire lasers at the player as well. When Mr Stone's head gets hit by the smiling boulder for the last time, his original head will be crushed and replaced by the new smiling head. Mr Stone joins in Rayman's victory dance at the end of the battle, though it isn't clear wether it is actually Mr Stone or wether the new smiling head has taken over his body.

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