Mr Sax

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Mr Sax

Boss No.3
Hitpoints12 HP
Boss ofBand Land(Mr Sax's Hullaballo)
Previous BossMoskitos
Next BossMr Stone


[edit] Description

Mr Sax is the boss of Band Land, though not necessarily the second boss as it is possible to skip the fight with him until you need to collect all the Electoons, at which point you must fight him. Mr Sax is encountered before Rayman must fight him anyway, though he will not do much and so is not much of a threat.

[edit] The First Encounter

The first encounter with Mr Sax is short. Rayman will start the stage running along some slippery pipes, though there will be moving Wrong Notes trying to make things difficult for him. After some time of running along the pipes and avoiding the Notes, Rayman will encounter Mr Sax. All Mr Sax will do at this time is shoot out Wrong Notes. When Rayman punches a Wrong Note back at him, Mr Sax will turn around and flee the stage, allowing Rayman to also leave the stage.

[edit] The Second Encounter

In the last level of Band Land, Rayman will be chased by Mr Sax before their final fight. However, this stage also presents an excellent opportunity to deal some damage to Mr Sax before the final stage, as there are plenty of Wrong Notes just lying around waiting to be punched. When Rayman comes to the end of the stage he will be forced to make a leap of faith before...

[edit] The Fight

Mr Sax and Rayman will be in an area with a massive organ in the background. Any damage dealt to Mr Sax in the previous stage should still affect the amount of hit points he has in this stage, even if the player loses a life while fighting him. Mr Sax will shoot out 3 different types of Wrong Notes. There are the normal ones encountered in previous stages which can be punched back at him, there are Notes which cause an explosion across the floor once they hit the ground, and there are Notes which explode into even more Notes which fly threw the air trying to hit Rayman. When Rayman has defeated Mr Sax and begins his victory dance, Mr Sax will also join in on the celebration; though it is unknown if this is because he has no hard feelings against Rayman or if he is a little confused after being hit by so many Wrong Notes.

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