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[edit] Description

The Moskitos are the bosses of Dream Forest and, in the case of the Pink Moskito at least, the first bosses that Rayman will fight in the game. The 2 Moskitos are practically identical except for their different colours - Pink Moskito is pink with yellow stripes and proboscis, where as Red Moskito is red with black stripes and proboscis. The Pink Moskito is the mini-boss of Dream Forest, having less life and being fought halfway through the Dream Forest as opposed to the Red Moskito who is fought on the last level of Dream Forest - Moskito's Nest. Despite Red Moskito being stronger, it is Pink Moskito who makes more appearances in the game (as well as cameo appearances in the sequel). It is unknown how, if at all, the 2 Moskitos are related; though the greater power of Red Moskito, and the fact that Pink Moskito cries when he is beaten, would suggest he is the eldest of the two.

Pink Moskito
Pink Moskito.jpg

Pink Moskito
Boss No.1
Hitpoints5 HP
Boss ofDream Forest(Anguish Lagoon)
Previous BossNone
Next BossRed Moskito

[edit] Pink Moskito

[edit] The Fight

Rayman will meet Pink Moskito on Stage 2 of Anguish Lagoon. When the stage first starts there is no signs of it being a boss stage. Rayman will start on higher ground, and the only option will be to jump down where he cannot see. The lower ground where Rayman lands is where Pink Moskito is, though due to his pre-occupied look it's uncertain wether he is waiting for Rayman or if he is simply minding his own business. Either way, he soons takes offence to Rayman's sudden appearance and begins to attack.
Pink Moskito is quite a simple boss fight as he only has 5 HP, can be injured by just punching him and has 2 very basic attack patterns which can be easily avoided. His first attack involves trying to poke Rayman with his proboscis. This can be avoided by just moving away from him, or by moving close to him and then moving away as he is about to attack. His second attack involves disappearing from the screen, moving to either the left or right side, and then suddenly zooming across the screen in an attempt to hit Rayman. His proboscis can be seen at the side of the screen and his buzzing becomes louder before he performs this attack, so avoiding him shouldn't be too difficult. He will either be foot-height or head-height when he performs this attack, so simply jump or crouch to avoid the attack. Alternatively, if he is head-height, it is possible to hit him before he hits you.
Once Rayman has dealt the final blow to Pink Moskito, he will react like every other he is hit by floating dizzily into the air, only this time he will come crashing back down to the ground. Rayman will begin to do his victory dance to celebrate his triumph, but he quickly stops when Pink Moskito breaks into tears and he decides to comfort him by patting him on the head. The 2 then become friends and the stage ends with them looking at the screen with their arms around each others shoulders (well, you know what I mean).

[edit] A New Friend

Now that Rayman has become his friend, Pink Moskito doesn't hesitate to lend him a helping hand. In the very next stage after their fight, Pink Moskito helps Rayman to cross the treacherous swampy waters of Anguish Lagoon. Controlling Moskito is simple, with the directional buttons moving him up, down left, or right. The screen in this stage is constantly moving right though, but Pink Moskito will be able to move around anywhere within the screen. All Rayman has to do for this stage is sit on his back and punch at anything that gets in the way.
The stage will start off nice and calm. The screen is moving slowly enough to give Rayman a chance to pick up any Collectibles and to avoid any danger. At first only spiky fruit need to be avoided, though this fruit falls if you fly under it so move quickly. A while later an the pair must avoid hammer-bullets by moving up and down, supposedly shot by a hunter enemy that is met up ahead, though in reality hunters cannot shoot that fast, their bullets cannot move up or down, nor can they detect Rayman from so far away. The final part of the stage involves Pnk Moskito suddenly speeding up, requiring him to react to obstacles appearing on screen faster.
Once the pair have reached the end of level sign, Moskito will come to a halt and the screen will stop moving. Moskito can then fly around the screen or just finish the level. Once the level is finished, Rayman will throw his hands in the air and Moskito will just shrug. From here Rayman will continue to go it alone, though it is possible to see Pink Moskito again by revisiting Anguish Lagoon where Rayman can repeat this stage.

[edit] The Chase

On his way to the Moskito's Nest, Rayman will once again encounter Pink Moskito. This time he is on the wrong side again as he pursues Rayman with a giant spiky fruit. There is nothing that can be done to him, and the only option Rayman has is to run before he is crushed by the spike fruit. Carrying the giant spike fruit is all Pink Moskito will do during this stage, even once Rayman has reached the end of level sign.
It isn't clear wether this is a different Pink Moskito from the one who Rayman had befriended earlier, or wether it is the same Moskito who was made to do it by his Red Moskito or even Mr Dark himself, though the sad music would make it seem that it is the same Moskito. Another theory is that since both Moskitos for the PC version of the game were pink, perhaps the Moskito chasing Rayman was supposed to be red but was forgotten about, and Pink Moskito chasing Rayman is simply a mistake.

Red Moskito
Dream Forest 02.png

Red Moskito
Boss No.2
Hitpoints12 HP
Boss ofDream Forest(Moskito's Nest)
Previous BossPink Moskito
Next BossMr Sax

[edit] Red Moskito

Red Moskito is the big boss of Dream Forest who resides in Moskito's Nest. He is more powerful than Pink Moskito, and this is emphasized by his more aggresive colours and the heavier, more frantic boss music. As well as the 2 attacks used by Pink Moskito, Red Moskito can uses 3 other attacks that involve him flying over Rayman carrying spike fruit. One has him carrying across a small orange spike fruit similar to the ones seen in Dream Forest, which he will drop straight down once Rayman passes under him. The best way to avoid this attack is to just keep moving in the opposite direction he is heading. The second attack has him carrying across an even bigger red spike fruit which he will drop before he gets to Rayman, as this fruit bounces off the screen in whatever direction Red Moskito was heading. Rayman will most like need to crouch down at the right time to avoid this bouncing fruit. The third attack has him carrying a huge spiky purple fruit across the screen, the same as the one carried by Pink Moskito in the other stage. This is the easiest attack to avoid as all Rayman needs to do is crouch down to avoid it.
Like Pink Moskito, Rayman only needs to punch Red Moskito to do him harm. Once he has hit him enough times, Red Moskito will do the same thing as Pink Moskito by flying up into the air and then come crashing down. The only difference is that this time Red Moskito will just continue to lie on the ground exhausted. As the road splits once the level Anguish Lagoon has been completed, it is not necessary to fight Red Moskito before going to Band Land. In fact, it is possible to defeat the boss of Band Land, Mr Sax, before fighting Red Moskito. However, Rayman will need to defeat Red Moskito before he can progress through the Blue Mountains, as defeating him will grant Rayman a meeting with Betilla the Fairy who will give Rayman the power to grab on to Flying Rings (Violet Lums in later games). This power is also useful before Blue Mountains as it helps Rayman reach areas where there may be Electoons or other Collectibles.

[edit] Rayman 2/Revolution

The Pink Moskito also makes cameo appearances in both versions of Rayman 2 - The Great Escape and Revolution. In The Great Escape, the first level contains smaller versions of the Pink Moskito that fly around Rayman for a time before buzzing off. In Revolution, a bigger game than The Great Escape, Rayman must rescue a Pink Moskito who goes by the name of Bzzit. It's uncertain if this Moskito is the same as the one from the original game, as instead of limbless hands and feet he has insect legs.

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