Dream Forest

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Dream Forest
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Dream Forest Loading Screen
Land No.1
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Land BossMoskitos


[edit] Description

The Dream Forest is the first land of Rayman. It is where the player will get to grips with the game basics before the difficulty really takes off.
The Dream Forest is a swampy woodland full of dancing mushrooms and flowers, and beautiful background scenery. The main enemies of this land are the explorers. However, the forest is also home to 2 very large "Moskitos". Despite it's beauty, Dream Forest is full of natural hazards such as deep waters and spiky fruit. Despite these dangers, Rayman will find friends in Tarayzan and the Pink Moskito.

[edit] Enemies

The following is a list of enemies found in Dream Forest:

  • Explorers
  • Hunters
  • Pirahna
  • Antitoons
  • Pink Moskito
  • Red Moskito

Exclusive to this land
Boss character

[edit] Levels & Stages

Below is a list of the different levels in Dream Forest, and the different stages within them.
These stages are only available on the first playthrough

Dream Forest 01.png

[edit] Pink Plant Woods

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2 - 3 Electoons
  • Stage 3 - Bettila the Fairy 1
  • Stage 4 - 3 Electoons

[edit] Anguish Lagoon

  • Stage 1 - 5 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - Pink Moskito
  • Stage 3 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 4 - Betilla the Fairy 2

[edit] The Swamps of Forgetfullness

  • Stage 1 - 2 Elelctoons
  • Stage 2 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 3 - 2 Electoons

[edit] Moskito's Nest

  • Stage 1 - 3 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 3 Electoons
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4
  • Stage 5 - Red Moskito
  • Stage 6 - Betilla the Fairy 3

[edit] Stage/Level Details

[edit] Betilla the Fairy 1

Once Rayman has passed Stage 2 of Pink Plant Woods, he will meet Betilla the Fairy for the first time. Along the way, there will be cages which Rayman cannot break yet. Thankfully, during their first meeting, Betilla will give Rayman the power he is most well known for - Punching. With this power, Rayman may now break open the cages in which the Electoons are held prisoner, as well as face his enemies head on.

[edit] Pink Moskito

When Rayman has passed Stage 1 of Anguish Lagoon, he will start the next stage standing on a platform in the air. After dropping down from the platform, it will turn out the stage is in fact a boss stage; the first in the game. The first Boss is a giant Pink Moskito which appears to be minding it's own business at first, but will begin to attack Rayman once he notices him. When Rayman defeats the Moskito, it will float dizzily up into the air, only to come crashing down a few seconds later. As Rayman begins to do his victory dance, the Moskito will break into tears, only to have Rayman jump to his side and comfort him. The 2 become friends from that moment on.

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[edit] Anguish Lagoon - Stage 3

After battling the Pink Moskito and soon after befriending him, Rayman's new companion will help him by flying Rayman across the treacherous waters of the swamp. In this stage, players control Moskito with the directional buttons, and can still punch with Rayman. The stage mostly involves dodging spike fruit and bullets, and near the end Moskito will suddenly speed up making avoiding spike fruit slightly more difficult. Once the stage is complete both Rayman and Moskito celebrate.

[edit] Betilla the Fairy 2

After safely crossing the swamps, Rayman will be alone again and will be greeted by Betilla for the second time in the game. This time Betilla will grant Rayman the power to Hang on to ledges - a power much more useful than it sounds. With this power, Rayman has a better chance of saving himself from falling to his doom. It can also be used to reach high places.

[edit] After Anguish Lagoon

Once Rayman has completed Anguish Lagoon the road will split. He now has the option to head the the second land of the game, Band Land, or else head further into the Dream Forest. Since Rayman will need to come back to Dream Forest to get a power which lets him progress later in the game, it is probably wise to finish the Dream Forest first. The power will also help Rayman reach other places which may contain power-ups, tings, lives and Electoons.

[edit] The Swamps of Forgetfullness - Stage 1

At the start of this level, Rayman will find a man hiding behind a bush who talks gibberish. He is pointing to something caught in the tree above him, and if Rayman punches it, it will float down into the bush where the man is. After disappearing for a second the man, Tarayzan, jumps out of the bush and thanks you for getting his clothes out of the tree. He will give you a special seed which can be planted infinite times during that stage. The seed creates a strange plant which has a platform on top of it. However, as soon as Rayman does plant it, the lake of water will start to rise. Rayman must then keep planting seeds so he can keep going up, otherwise the water will catch up with him and he'll drown.

[edit] Moskito's Nest - Stage 3

This is a rather odd stage in the game. As soon as it starts, Rayman will be chased by a Pink Moskito with a giant purple spike fruit. Trying to punch the Moskito won't work. The only thing to do is run to the end. It is uncertain if this Moskito is different from the one Rayman befriended earlier, or if it's the same one that was made to chase Rayman by the Red Moskito or Mr Dark himself.

[edit] Red Moskito

When Rayman has finally reached the Moskito's Nest, he will see another large Moskito that is red and black instead of pink and yellow. He has a lot more health than the pink Moskito, and also uses more attacks. When Rayman eventually defeats him, he repeats the same pattern of the Pink Moskito by floating dizzily into the air, and then comes crashing down. However, instead of crying, he just lies on the ground exhausted.

[edit] Betilla the Fairy 3

After his encounter with the Red Moskito, Rayman will once again encounter Betilla the Fairy. This time she will give him the power to Grab. As well as being able to grab extra lives with his punch, Rayman will also be able to swing on the flying pink rings (known as Violet Lums in later games). Rayman can not proceed past the first stage of the Blue Mountains without this power.

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