Candy Chateau

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Candy Chateau

Candy Chateau Loading Screen
Land No.6
Previous LandThe Caves of Skops
Next LandNone
Land BossMr Dark


[edit] Description

Rayman's journey is nearly over as he ascends to the Candy Chateau. Once every Electoon scattered throughout the land has been freed from their cages, the way to Mr Dark shall be revealed. For this reason, there are no Electoons trapped within the Candy Chateau. There is only one level within the Chateau, Mr Dark's Dare.

As can be guessed by the name, the Candy Chateau is a land based on sweets and parties. Some stage's backgrounds are giant sweets and desserts, while another stage looks like a tea party with giant cups and teapots in the background. The main enemies of this land are clowns, each with different tricks up their slaves. Since this is Mr Dark's last chance to stop Rayman, it's no wonder he has saved a few surprises for him...

[edit] Enemies

Frying Pan surfing

The following is a list of enemies found in Candy Chateau:

  • Hammer Clowns
  • Water Clowns
  • Gift Bombers
  • Antitoons
  • Mr Dark

Exclusive to this land
Boss character

[edit] Stages of Mr Dark's Dare

[edit] Stage 1 - Frying Pan Ride

Upon reaching Candy Chateau, Rayman will find hills beyond hills of slippery cream which are too dangerous to cross on foot. Rayman will start the stage on a frying pan similar to those used by the Pan Astronauts in Picture City. This stage mostly involves jumping over pits and what looks like lakes of syrup.

[edit] Stage 2 - Dark Rayman


This stage is the first time in the game that Rayman and Mr Dark come face to face for the first time. Rather than staying around to exchange words, Mr Dark places a curse on Rayman before vanishing. The curse placed on Rayman creates an exact copy of him with alternate colours that repeats everything that Rayman does.


Rayman is unable to harm or hinder Dark Rayman in anyway, and should Dark Rayman touch off the real Rayman, both will die. Players will have to move carefully so that they don't accidently trap themselves. Once Rayman reaches the end of the stage the curse will be broken and Dark Rayman will disappear.

[edit] Stage 3 - 3 Curses

At the start of this stage Rayman will encounter Mr Dark again, who will place another curse on him. This time Rayman's sense of direction will be reversed; left becomes right and right becomes left. Though initially the controls may seem a little tricky, adapting shouldn't take too long; though jumping and punching might seem more difficult in a rush. At some point in the stage the curse will be broken.
Reverse control isn't the only curse Mr Dark places on Rayman in this stage. Shortly after the last curse is broken, Rayman will come across Mr Dark again. This time he will be cursed with constant running. Rayman will have to think quickly as he jumps to avoid any pits that lie ahead. When he reaches the end of the stage the curse will be broken. Unfortunately there is one last curse that Mr Dark places on Rayman before the stage is over; Rayman will no longer be able to punch.

[edit] The Final Fight

[edit] Mr Dark


Rayman has finally reached Mr Dark. The battle takes place in a strange building with 5 stained glass windows, each with the face of one of the previous bosses. Rayman and Mr Dark will finally come face to face for good. The only problem is that Rayman has lost his power to punch so that he can't harm Mr Dark. On the left side of the screen there is a fist attached to a rope. On the right side Mr Dark is holding the other end of the rope. If Rayman tries to grab the fist power-up, Mr Dark will pull on the rope taking the fist out of Rayman's reach.


After several failed attempts of tryying to reach the fist, Mr Dark will create 2 pillars of fire which will close in on Rayman until there is only a little bit of room left for Rayman to move. The pillars will then begin to move from left to right, while Mr Dark shoots energy balls at Rayman. When Mr Dark had finished toying around with Rayman, he will make the pillar of fire from the left close in on Rayman and announce "You're doomed Rayman...". At this point 2 Electoons will fly into the area and will grab the fist attached to the rope. If Rayman can survive the fire long enough, the power-up will be delievered to him so that he can punch again and the fires will disappear. Mr Dark will flee from the scene and leave Rayman to fight his boss hybrids instead.

[edit] First hybrid

The first of the three boss hybrids is a Mr Stone/Skops hybrid. The boss is basically Mr Stone except it's left hand has been replaced by Mr Skops' claw and his head with Mr Skops' head. The only attack of Mr Stone/Skops is throwing his claw at Rayman. To hurt Mr Stone/Skops, Rayman must wait until he has already shot his claw so that he can punch him in the face. If Rayman jumps to punch too soon Mr Stone/Skops will cover his face with his claw.

[edit] Second Hybrid

Defeating the first hybrid, Rayman will quickly be under attack by the next hybrid; the Mamaskitos. These hybrids are 2 Moskitos with Space Mama heads. Both wield laser-firing rolling pins, one firing from the left side of the screen and the other firing from the right. There are 2 ways to harm the Mamaskitos: Punching them or letting them shoot each other. The easiest method is to trick them into shooting each other by repeatedly crouching and standing.

[edit] Third Hybrid

The third and final hybrid has the head of Pink Moskito, the armoured body of Space Mama, and the big heavy feet of Mr Sax. This particular hybrid is quite big, and it's only form of attack is jumping in the air and trying to crush Rayman on the way down. However there is a catch, as Rayman will be cursed into a mini state. Rayman must try to avoid being crushed, and when the hybrid comes crashing down it will send Rayman flying into the air so that he has the chance to punch it in the face. The easiest way to defeat this boss is to stand as close as possible to it before it jumps in the air. Once it jumps, quickly run under it to avoid any harm. Once the final hybrid has been defeated, Rayman will celebrate the same way he does when beating a normal level.

[edit] The End

After Rayman's success against the hybrid bosses, the screen will cut to a fireworks display throughout the entire land as the Magician announces your success in saving the world. The credits will then role with 5 different pictures appearing on screen:

  • Rayman, Tarayzan, and Joe smiling for the camera
  • An Electoon skiing
  • Two clowns from Candy Chateau surfing
  • Pink Moskito in a boat with the baby hippy from Blue Mountains using his mouthpiece as a fishing rod
  • Mr Skops resting in a boat (possibly the one from Rayman's first encounter with Space Mama).

Once the credits have roled, Rayman leaves a message for the player saying he will see them soon.

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