Blue Mountains

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Blue Mountains
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Blue Mountains Loading Screen
Land No.3
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[edit] Description

The Blue Mountains are a land where players will at times be required to act quickly to save themselves, while at other times the focus is more on timing. The Blue Mountains are massive mountains that reach high into the sky which appears to be filled with something like aurora borealis, with strange mountain plants, and many inhabitants that appear to be living rocks. The Blue Mountains are filled with many natural hazards such as spikes and chasms, while the living threats come in the form of Golems, Stone Astronauts, and Flying Spikes. It seems the leader of these rock people is the massive Mr Stone. On his journey through the mountains, Rayman will helped by the Musician.

[edit] Enemies

The following is a list of enemies found in Blue Mountains:

  • Golems
  • Stone Astronauts
  • Flying Spikes
  • Hunters
  • Antitoons
  • Mr Stone

Exclusive to this land (and maybe The Caves of Skops)
Boss character

[edit] Levels & Stages

Below is a list of the different levels in Blue Mountains, and the different stages within them.
These stages are only available on the first playthrough.

Blue Mountains 01.png

[edit] Twilight Gulch

  • Stage 1 - 6 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - Mr Stone's Chase

[edit] The Hard Rocks

  • Stage 1 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 2 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 3 - 3 Electoons

[edit] Mr Stones Peaks

  • Stage 1 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 3 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 4 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 5 - Mr Stone
  • Stage 6 - Betilla the Fairy 5

[edit] Stage/Level Details

[edit] Mr Stone's Chase

It isn't long that Rayman is in the Blue Mountains when the big boss Mr Stone hears about him and decideds to greet him personally. Stage 2 of Twilight Gulch starts off like any normal level, but when Rayman isn't expecting it Mr Stone appears from behind him and gives chase. Rayman must smash boulders blocking his path and use the Grab ability to swing across the flying rings to avoid the spiky ground below (which unfortunately isn't a problem for Mr Stone). Rayman will make his final getaway on a cloud which will take him to the end of the stage.

[edit] Mr Stone's Peaks - Stage 1

With all the dangers that lie across the Blue Mountains, you'd probably think no real person could possibly live there. However, upon enter Mr Stone's Peaks, Rayman will come across what appears to be a family of hippies who live in a little house with it's own pumpkin farm. Besides the 2 love birds (they are literally birds), there is a granny with a little baby, as well as a man who is crying. It seems that his guitar has been crushed by a boulder, and should Rayman break the boulder the Musician will begin to play his guitar and also give Rayman a special potion. This potion gives Rayman the power to fly with his hair, which only lasts for the level. Rayman must then fly through the level avoiding spikes, Antitoons, Blue Spikes, and Flying Spikes.

[edit] Mr Stone's Peaks - Stage 2

Once Rayman has passed through the deadly chasm with his new flying ability he will find himself in immediate danger. Stage 2 starts with Rayman trapped between a rock and a wet place. The rock above is being pulled down by 2 weights which are attached to the rock by rope. If Rayman doesn't cut the rope in time the weights will drag the rock down into the water, taking Rayman with it. Rayman must use his hair as a sort of blade to cut the ropes by flying near the parts of the rope that already look slightly eroded. Once the 2 ropes have been cut, it is import not to let your guard down as the water is still lowering and will take some time to reach the bottom.

[edit] Mr Stone

When Rayman has climbed higher into the Blue Mountains he will eventually come to the stone totem (a pile of rocks one on top of the other, with a giant rock with a face on top). It is here that he will face Mr Stone. Defeating Mr Stone will involve Rayman punching the giant rock head so that it swings towards Mr Sone and crushes his head. When Mr Stone is defeated, his head will be completely crushed by the rock head and he will fall into pieces on the ground. When Rayman begins his victory dance, Mr Stone's body will get back up to dance too, but his new head will be the giant rock face since his old head was crushed. It isn't clear wether the dancing Mr Stone is the same Mr Stone, or if the giant rock face that crushed his old head is the one controlling his body.

[edit] Betilla the Fairy 5

After Mr Stone has been defeated Betilla the Fairy will come to greet Rayman again. This time she will bestow Rayman with the power to Run. Besides obviously letting Rayman move faster, running before jumping or using Helicopter-Hair will let Rayman travel a greater distance through the air, and with increased speed. This is the last time Betilla will give Rayman a power.

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