Band Land

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Band Land
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Band Land Loading Screen
Land No.2
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Land BossMr Sax


[edit] Description

Band Land is the second land in Rayman, and the sudden increase in difficulty will be obvious from the first level. Band Land is a place full of giant musical instruments, a lot of them being living instruments, which takes Rayman up into the sky. Perils in Band Land are mostly natural, such as small slippery platforms, wrong notes, and Blue Spikes. Enemies include trumpets and Lightning Bots. In each level, the background sky is different. Friendlies include Monks and Walking Drums. The boss of Band Land is Mr Sax, who encounters Rayman even before their big fight.

[edit] Enemies

The following is a list of enemies found in Band Land:

  • Trumpet
  • Lightning Bots
  • Musical flies
  • Eyes
  • Hunters
  • Antitoons
  • Mr Sax

Exclusive to this land
Boss character

[edit] Levels & Stages

Below is a list of the different levels in Band Land, and the different stages within them.
These stages are only available on the first playthrough.

Band Land 01.png

[edit] Bongo Hills

  • Stage 1 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 2 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 3 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 4 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 5 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 6

[edit] Allegro Presto

  • Stage 1 - 3 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 1 Electoon
  • Stage 3 - 2 Electoons
  • Stage 4 - Mr Sax First Encounter
  • Stage 5 - Betilla the Fairy 4

[edit] Gong Heights

  • Stage 1 - 4 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - 2 Electoons

[edit] Mr Saxs Hullaballoo

  • Stage 1 - 6 Electoons
  • Stage 2 - Mr Sax Second Encounter
  • Stage 3 - Mr Sax

[edit] Stage/Level Details

[edit] Skies of Band Land

Despite the fact that Band Land exists on the ground, Rayman will spend all of his time in Band Land in the sky, and every level seems to bring him higher. In the first level, Bongo Hills, Rayman is clearly in the sky, though there is a view with hills and giant instruments in the background. The sky for this level is mostly bright and sunny, with the exception of a stormy stage. In the next level, Allegro Presto, the ground is nowhere to be seen and the sky is mostly cloudy and dark blue, suggesting Rayman has ascended higher into the sky. In Gong Heights the background sky is sunset, and it appears that Rayman is now above most of the clouds of the sky, save the ones he is standing on. In the final level, Mr Saxs Hullaballoo, the sky is dark and full of starts. Since the previous level saw Rayman standing above the clouds at sunset it is uncertain wether the darkness is due to it simply being nighttime, or wether Rayman has ascended so high that he is nearly in space. Most likely, it's a bit of both.

[edit] Mr Sax First Encounter

The start of this stage is similar to others. It will start with Rayman running along some slippery pipes, though eventually Rayman will come across moving Wrong Notes. These Notes cannot be harmed, so the only thing to do is avoid them. Once Rayman has reached the end of the stage he will notice the way out is blocked by the boss of Band Land himself - Mr Sax. Fortunately Mr Sax isn't much of a threat at this stage, and will only blow 1 Wrong Note at Rayman every few seconds. Once Rayman has punched a Wrong Note back at Mr Sax he will turn around and escape the stage, leaving Rayman free to move on.

[edit] Betilla the Fairy 4

After avoiding a confrontation with Mr Sax in the previous stage, Rayman is once again be greeted by Betilla the Fairy. This time she will give Rayman a power that will help him travel and avoid falling to his doom - the Helicopter Hair. When Rayman jumps in the air, pressing the jump button again will result in his hair spinning around like a helicopter, giving him the chance to hover for a few seconds.

[edit] After Allegro Presto

After Rayman has completed Allegro Presto, he will be given two paths to choose from. One path will send him further into the skies of Band Land to pursue Mr Sax and free the Electoons, while the other will leave him off at the Blue Mountains. Since there are no new powers waiting for Rayman in Band Land there is no need to rush to Mr Sax just yet. However, Rayman will eventually need to come back to free the Electoons if he ever wants to defeat Mr Dark and restore order.

Mr Sax gives chase

[edit] Mr Sax Second Encounter

After safely completing the first stage of the last Band Land level, Rayman will once again find himself under attack by Mr Sax. This time Mr Sax will chase Rayman in an attempt to crush him. Rayman must run to the end of this level where a line of Tings will show him an area to jump into (leading to the final battle with Mr Sax). An import note about this stage is that Mr Sax can be harmed. There are several Wrong Notes stuck in mid-air which can be punched at Mr Sax, thus reducing his health even before the official boss fight.

[edit] Mr Sax

If Rayman has avoided being crushed by Mr Sax in the previous stage, he will then land in an area with a giant organ in the background. Mr Sax will continue to blow Wrong Notes at Rayman, though sometimes he will blow Note bombs which explode into several small Notes which scatter in every direction. If the player has managed to hit Mr Sax with a few Wrong Notes from the previous stage, the pressure of fighting him should be lessened as even losing a life makes Mr Sax start with the same amount of health he had at the end of the previous stage. When Mr Sax has been hit by enough of his own Notes, he will eventually collapse to the ground. As Rayman begins his victory dance, Mr Sax decides to get back up and join him. It's uncertain wether this is because Mr Sax is a good sport or if he couldn't take his own bad music and went a bit crazy.

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